Workshops and Conference Speaking

At the end of the day, time + results = impact. DiCam offers customized training(s) for internal development teams and 1:1 CEO coaching to focus on fund development and operational growth. As an extension, we also offer Board and development committee training to activate networks, optimize time and increase outcomes.

Externally, as a grantor, your grantee’s may need partnership training on leveraging your investment to increase sustainability. The following are an example of workshops specifically designed to increase partnership productivity:

The 3 Yeses of Strategic Partnerships

Have you noticed that some organizations and fundraisers are just more successful than others, and you cannot seem to figure out why? You have seen your colleagues in action and ask yourself, how does it come so easy? Well, there is no magic pill to being great, but there is preparation that sets the odds in your favor.

There are 3 key yeses that must be met to increase your odds of larger and more lasting strategic partnerships that are not just about the funding. These partners can build your brand, create shared value and even position your Board.

  1. The alignment yes – the blueprint of the backgrounder.
  2. The ideation yes – preparing to be the puppeteer.
  3. The proposal yes – clients asking you for a proposal.

This workshop examines the process of the 3 yes’s and provides tools to make your fundraising and outreach team(s) more successful.


The Art of Ideation

Definition of ideationthe capacity for or the act of forming or entertaining ideas.

A successful ideation is truly the gorilla glue for framing a long-term partnership. Artful ideation is not just a meeting but becoming the master orchestrator for the psychology of a deal. In this workshop, we will discuss and review the tools to prepare for and set up an impactful ideation.

Some items we will cover:
  • Developing the “backgrounder”, the partnership blueprint.
  • Understanding decision makers, and their pain points?
  • Planting seeds for partnership yes’s.
  • Prepping your team internally and externally.
  • FINALLY you meet, then the party begins!

This workshop is for both NPO’s and For-Profit entities. DiCam Strategic Solutions is striving for your NPO to grow their impact with funding entities. Let us show you how.

Conference Speaking

Dianna, DiCam’s Chief Strategist, is a leader and fund development expert who delivers high-energy presentations that challenge the audience to leverage their focus on working smarter, not harder to increase revenue and impact. Audiences love her clever yet practical strategies that provide tangible tools to accelerate partnership outcomes. Dianna has personally secured over $155M and managed teams to secure close to $520M for sustained social change focused on people, systems, and the environment.  

Dianna earned her undergrad from Hampton University in Communications and her master’s degree in Non-Profit Management and Leadership from Walden University. Recently, she received her Certificate in Diversity & Inclusion from Cornell University. She has received numerous awards and accolated for her partnership development work and community service. Her strong background in assessing, determining, and charting plans makes her a perfect fit. Organizations hire Dianna because of her implementable strategies that help non-profit leaders increase productivity internally and externally saving resources, money, and frustrations that steal time from real goals and priorities.

Oh, did we mention that Dianna loves to cook? Why does that matter? Well, it means that she takes time to find the right ingredients, tasting along the way, to make sure the outcome is delicious! She takes the same perspective with her clients. Dianna is pretty witty and a little cheeky and is known to be the “cheerleader”. She also considers herself an unofficial wine taste tester … and a great fisher-woman.”5