What we Do

Partnership Development

We put ideas into action by working with both NPOs and funding entities:

  • Envision, co-create, and activate impactful programs and solutions that help people and serve society.

Fundraising Consulting and Plan Development

We use proven fund development models and maximize the value of cross-functional teams:

  • Evaluate potential opportunities to position all parties for optimal success and impact.

Leadership Services

We understand a dynamic environment requires ongoing and consistent leadership engagement:

  • Strategic plan analysis and enhancements
  • Board analysis and development
  • Interim support (Strategist, DEI & Proposal development)

DiCam Strategic Solutions philosophy is to fully understand each client’s situation, to offer advice, solutions, and support within the context of their current reality.

Dianna Campbell

CEO & Chief Strategist

Dianna Campbell brings a mission-driven, results-oriented approach to leading change for her clients. With over twenty years of experience in organizational development, fund/strategic development, marketing, business development, board recruitment, and team management, she has led fundraising efforts to secure sustainable growth through six- and seven-figure multi-year partnerships with Fortune 50 companies, philanthropic foundations and individuals. Her experience includes national brand campaigns, cause-related marketing, social enterprise business development and technology solutions to serve vulnerable and underserved populations. To date, Campbell has personally secured over $130M and managed teams to secure close to $500M in program support for organizations including Points of Light Foundation, National 4H Council, Alliance for Healthier Generation, Rescue – Behavior Change Company and National Council on Aging.

“Knowing my clients have surpassed their social impact goals and improved their financial position absolutely fuels me. At DiCam, we move with a sense of purpose and shared commitment to partnership success.”

Our Values

Our success is rooted in how we approach our work to ensure outcomes are consistent with our clients’ missions and that measurable impact advances their work. Our diverse set of clients all have the same goal – to make important and lasting contributions to our world. We too share this ambition. In the words of Robert Goodwin [past President Points of Light Foundation] – our goal is to provide and bridge hope to make people’s lives easier…

Excellence – Every NPO is different and require a unique strategy built on industry trends and best practices. We accomplish this by bringing facts, thorough analysis, and experience-based knowledge to our work.

Integrity – We approach our work with the highest personal and professional ethical standards and apply them to every action that we take. This is a commitment to one another, our clients, and the profession.

Accountability: We recognize that our clients have choices and believe accountability is key to continuous improvement. We are transparent in our decision-making, realistic in our projections, and forthcoming with accurate assessments and reports.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion – We are purposeful and uncompromising in our commitment to include a variety of perspectives from the full range of stakeholders in our daily practice.


Our Commitment to DEI Consulting
As we work to improve our ability to address diversity, equity and inclusion through our client services, we can help you look inward to assess your organizational balance. We now have a DEI team with expertise in HR, strategy and social policy to assess, strengthen, and measure the effectiveness of your current and future efforts. DEI requires continuous effort, and we look forward to helping your organization find a healthy balance related to your staffing, leadership, and programmatic outcomes.