Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Justice Services

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice Consulting
As we work to improve our ability to address diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice through client services, we can help you look inward to assess your organizational balance. We now have a DEIJ team with expertise in HR, strategy, training and equitable grantmaking to assess, strengthen, and measure the effectiveness of your current and future efforts. DEIJ requires continuous effort, and we look forward to helping your organization find a healthy balance related to your staffing, leadership, and programmatic outcomes.

Structural bias is rooted in policies and practices that advantage some people while disadvantaging others. 

Sitting at the intersection of power and privilege is the philanthropic sector where grantmakers have a unique responsibility to implement practices that promote equity and inclusion. Grantmakers have the power to design policies and practices that help ensure desired outcomes for marginalized communities rather than adding to existing inequities. ~Peak Grantmaking


The social justice movement and COVID have both shed light on generations of egregious gaps in health and financial outcomes for marginalized people. As we know, growing evidence links significant differences in health and economic outcomes to race, zip codes, educational attainment, income, and other social factors.

We believe that grantmaking practices matter and that equitable philanthropy can change communities. We believe that a rich diversity of ideas, people, backgrounds, and points of view all contribute to better and more responsive grantmaking. We seek to incorporate diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) internally first, so that it manifests externally in an authentic way, tying your practices to values. In partnerships, we conduct both internal as well as external human-centered, research-based assessment(s) to activate people, culture, processes through responsive and equitable grantmaking thus creating a DEI Roadmap.


Once the internal assessment is complete and the staff is trained, this document will be used to link internal values to external outcomes. In this process we review and audit your grantmaking process, community partners and impact, while involving senior leaders and your Board then provide an analysis and recommendations. We view this approach as a relay race with mutually agreed upon stages and pace.


The result is an internal shift in mindset, behavior, and practices so everyone in your organization is aligned. Externally, your partners will receive tools and your community impact and relationships will authentically expand. DiCam will provide a DEI Roadmap incorporating recommendations and practices across the organization.